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Wiese Business Trust

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Dries' home
The newly established business has been developed by two extremely thriving farmers, Jan and Dries Wiese. Their grandfather, Andries Wiese was an opportunist and bought his first farm in the Karoo in the early 1940s. Later in his life, he bought more farms with the idea of passing them on to his children.

Hentie Wiese inherited his father's farm and started farming in 1956. He expanded the country he has received and later developed the well-known Central Karoo and Merino Stud Flock's. As tradition goes Hentie Wiese and his oldest son started to farm together in 1981, and were followed by Jan joining them in 1986.

In 1994 Hentie Wiese established two trusts, Kasteel Trust and Biesiespoort Trust. The two brothers farmed separately for many years, but recently decided to combine the two trusts. These two entities were combines in 2010 and the business has been growing from strength to strength.

Our vision for this business is to enhance the Word of God and handle each situation according. Our mission is to create a future for our children and our employees' children.

Biesiespoort 14
Part of the Wiese Business Trust is the Private Christian RTR Academy. This school were stared to improve the communities' children education to provide them with a bright future

Wiese Business Trust currently operates ten different live stock branches.

Biesiespoort Dorpers, Kasteel White Dorper, Merino's, Boer goats, Kalahari Reds, Angora, Blinkhaar Ronderib Afrikaners, Saanen dairy goats, Saddle Horses and Nguni/Tuli cattle.