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South Africa Boer Goats & Kalahari Reds

The successful Kasteel Boer Goat stud was established in 1998. Dries leased land in Namibia where he farmed with sheep, Boer Goats and cattle. He was not at all satisfied with the quality of the goats he bought and decided to breed his own herd.

Dries bought his first 13 ewes in the Eastern Cape, which was the offspring of 'Noster', a very high quality stud Goat. He decided to trade one of his white dorper rams named 'Leatherman' for the goat 'James'. He bred these 13 ewes with his new goat 'James'. Dries still thinks this was one of the best decition he made in his farming career, because out of this breeding two world champions originated.

In 2006 Kasteel Boer Goats were auctioned for the first time. The bucks and does for the 2010 auction were part of a 220 lambing percentage, where 190% of the lambs were raised. These Goats are primarily used for the production of meat and breeding material.

The business also owns some Kalahari Reds which is just a colour variation to the normal Boer Goat.

The interesting fact is that the first deep dark red Lambs originated from the stud "James". Wiese Business Trust owns Kalahari Reds in Namibia and in the Bushmanland.

Boer Goat

Kalahari Red