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The Wiese Business Trust’s Merino flock consists out of a stud, 1st selection and 2nd selection Kasteel Merino herd and hammel live stock.

The Wiese Brothers were raised as Kasteel Merino farmers because their father farmed primarily with Kasteel Merinos. Only Silver and Merit rams were used to enhance the stud.

The 1st selection ewes are combined with the rams from the Merino Stud. The ewe lams will be classed at the age of 12 months. This classing is done under very strict circumstances to ensure only the best standard.

The 2nd selection ewes are combined with the Kasteel Dorper and Kasteel White Dorper rams. This is a prestigious crossing because the lams grow fast and is ready for the market at a eary age.

The Kasteel Merinos are sheared in 8-montly intervals with an A-length. The clip has a high clean-yield and produces wool of 21.3 micron.

It is a given that the single most expensive factor in any farming business is the raising of female breeding material. The decision to merge Kasteel and Biesiespoort, made it beneficial for both parties.