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Blinkhaar Ronderib Afrikaners

Blinkhaar Ronderib Afrikaners
This is an indigenous fat tail breed and these hardy animals come a long way in history. The original Afrikaner sheep were the animals that Jan van Riebeeck traded with “Harry die strandloper” in 1652 when South Africa was found.

The claim to fame for this specific sheep breed is the quantity and quality of fat they carry in their tail. This fat is mainly used in the hunting seasons. The hunters use this fat to make “droëwors” from the game they shot. The skins of the Afrikaner were also used to make the very famous skin carouses.

The first herd of Afrikaner sheep were bought at a total dispersal sale and the business buys new rams on a regular basis to improve the herd.

There is also a very big demand for Afrikaner teaser rams. The Afrikaner breed is the only sheep breed that, when a ram serves a ewe, he produces a pheromone that causes the ewe to super-ovulate.

Wiese Business Trust is focused on selling the Afrikaner Teaser rams for breeding material.