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Kasteel Dorpers

Biesiespoort Dorper
Jan Wiese started breeding with Kasteel Dorper when he started farming in 1987.

The Kasteel Dorper stud parade comes from John Dell's Dorper stud which is the oldest parade in the world. Many Dorpers were bought at well-known farmers such as Tien Jordaan, Phillip Strauss and the Phillips brothers. Many of the Kasteel Dorpers are being exported to Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and Mozambiek.

This stud is known for their adaptability under natural conditions. The main goal in the Karoo is a breeding herd that is tempered for the desert environment. Jan's mission is to what the buyer sees in the parade for him to give.

The motto of the Kasteel Dorpers is fertility, hardiness and reproduction under natural conditions.

These rams are at various auctions across South Africa and in 2009 Kasteel Dorpers and Kasteel White Dorper started selling together at Kasteel yearly Production auction.